• america's simple solutions-MARK WERTS-American Rag Cie
  • america's simple solutions-MARK WERTS-American Rag Cie


america's simple solutions

$ 25.95

Founder of American Rag Cie, Mark Werts' book- America's Simple Solutions: A Visionary’s Blueprint for a Better Tomorrow is now available. In America's Simple Solutions, Mark Werts tackles education, healthcare, immigration, taxes, gun control, the environment, gender, equality, and many other issues, and offers Americans simple solutions free of partisan bias, based on how these challenges are handled around the world. Having lived, worked, and traveled across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, Werts has observed how people in other countries have approached the same dilemmas that we face in the United States. “I have come to understand what is practical and works. I have also seen what is impractical and doesn’t work. In our global world, why would America pursue an idea that has been proven again and again not to work in other places?” he writes. Werts also reflects on the views of our country’s Founding Fathers, and suggests that we have forgotten much of their considerable wisdom.



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