Rolla's Clothing With Soul

Rolla’s is the brainchild of designer couple Andy Paltos and Sarah Gilsenan, who after a decade of work for some of the most iconic denim brands finally launched their passion project. The brand embodies the grit and soul of their home Australia, presented in raw, simple style.

Model wearing Rolla's and PF Flyer'sRolla's Sherpa Jacket Armand is pictured in their signature Sherpa jacket, cut in a lightly rinsed red caste denim and one of the season’s new surprises: an incredible pair of trade overalls cut into shorts. The straps provide multiple styling options. Sneakers are PF Flyer’s Made in USA take on the beloved “Sandlot” shoes, the Center Hi’s constructed in their original 1960’s form.

PF Flyer's SandlotRolla's Overalls