KATO Factory

KATO’ started in 1999 as a journey to share a love of clothes. As the brain child of its namesake, Hiroshi Kato. His passion for scrutinizing over classic Levi's and vintage apparel drove him to learn everything he possibly could about classic garments. The result lead him to design for a variety of labels, along with consulting at several fabric mills.

KATO Denim

KATO' is a reflection of the designer’s philosophy: “A garment simply completes the man. And the garment is not complete without the man wearing it.” The brand Kato emphasizes attention to the smallest of details from intricate stitching, vintage trims, and creative labels to individualized merchant tags. 

Explore Hiroshi Kato

All of the key elements are joined harmoniously with the textile tradition from Japan’s oldest city and cultural hub, Kyoto, and the vision of Hiroshi Kato to give birth to unique Made in USA garments that combine comfort, durability and style..