Timeless style meets Californian fashion with Vans: a brand that needs no introduction. Created in 1966 by Paul and James Van Doren - "Vans," plural - the company gained early cult status with its "Off the Wall" slogan in 1976, based on slang from skateboarders in empty Californian pools. Its iconic side stripe design soon followed, which would become a mainstay of US fashion in 1982 when its shoes featured prominently in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Its boom nearly led to a bust due to an explosion in competitors ripping off its style, but Vans transformed in the late 80s to put itself front and center of countless events, most notably the world-famous Vans Warped Tour, which became the longest-running touring music festival in US history. Its endless collaborations in the last 20 years, including Star Wars, Nintendo, KENZO, Supreme, and Damien Hirst, continue to add new flourishes to time-honored looks.

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