Rare and raw Japanese denim, made in Canada, worn around the world: Naked & Famous' jeans and apparel are the perfect addition to any closet. This Montreal-based company, whose brand name is a satire of celebrity-obsessed culture, likes to poke fun at brands that sell jeans for $300 "solely because they are celebrity endorsed, not because they are higher quality". Even its logo, which uses 1950s pop art to portray the "ideal blond" trope, reflects its stance. Naked & Famous doesn't pre-distress or mess with its denim, but it's adventurous in other ways; over the years, it's experimented with glow-in-the-dark denim, cashmere blends, "raspberry scratch-n-sniff," reflective denim, and even rainbow fades. Each year, it works with around 20 fabrics, and travels to Japan multiple times in search of them.

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