Alright, time to talk about the fellas. Let's face it, they can be just as tricky to shop for. But don't sweat it, I've got your back.

I've sorted the goods into eight categories so you can find the perfect Valentine's gifts. Find your man's vibe and click the link. You'll be done faster than you can say "New York minute". 

1. The trendsetter.

If your man's all about the latest and greatest, you're in the right place. Everything he'll love is right here

2. The rugged outdoorsman.

For the guy who'd rather spend his time under the stars than under a roof, check out these coolest outdoor finds. He'll be over the moon, I promise.

3. The usually suited-up gentleman.

These timeless yet sophisticated selections are perfect for the gentleman who embraces the classic tailored look. These meticulously crafted pieces balance traditional elegance and unique
detailing, ensuring you stand out and exude an air of refinement. 

4. The "I have no clue" what to get him

When in doubt, go for a cool tee! We've got a range to choose from. Remember, always get bigger than you think; guys prefer comfort. Still stuck? Shoot me an email; I'll help you out. 

5. The LA Lovers.

Surprise your boyfriend with a gift that is Made in LA. Let him embrace the spirit of LA with these stylish and on-trend clothing options.  Each piece embodies the effortlessly chic aesthetic of LA, offering a unique blend of contemporary design and laid-back charm. 

6. The jetsetter.

A little secret about avid travelers: they ALWAYS appreciate a comfy hoodie or sweater for those long flights. Check out these fresh ones we've got. 

7. The “Not ready for a big gift" lady.

If you're not ready for a big gift, get him some killer accessories. He'll appreciate the thought of a smaller commitment. Here are some rad ones

8. The "doesn't fit any of the above" guy.

Get him a pair of sleek sneakers. Guys can never have too many of either. Score a pair of stylish kicks. 



Harnessing her extensive knowledge of fashion, decades of building and experiencing diverse global brands, and a love of travel, Amanda now skilfully oversees the e-commerce division of American Rag.

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