Paterson League Jacket

Made for Play, New-Jersey born fashion label Paterson merges functional design elements with an air of sport.  A product of Paterson native, German Nieves, the brand's inspiration draws from the effortless style of iconic Athletes to the continental cool of Steve McQueen. The brand's success is a direct result of Nieves' approach to collaborative efforts - giving other brands a platform to tell their story alongside like-minded establishments.  

Paterson League Eastside Ghosts


Paterson's latest collaboration, Eastside Ghosts, is a truly nostalgic collection conceptualized in concert with Ebbets Fields Flannels , purveyor of heritage baseball gear.  The capsule collection features a handful of Ebbet's signature bodies alongside Paterson's core styles from coach jackets, sweaters, caps and tees, all showcasing the eccentric mascot from Paterson's Eastside High School.  

Paterson League Hat


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